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Karnivor and Bits

Worr Monger

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Jan 6, 2014
For sale i have one of my Karnivores that has been sat around for a while.
It was turned into a mech a while ago but still has all the pieces to turn it back to its former glory.
In the mech form it has a Pops asa, Belsales Evo Hollo-point 3 way, Belsales Evo 44 magnum ram and Inception marker case.
Not used for a while so will need to be serviced and to make sure hoses are ok and a new eye hole cover if you are keeping it mech.
Last pic is the Karni before it was a mech.
£600 ono.

Dye ATC Boots size 9
Good condition, bit dusty as they have been stored and the jewels on the back have come off.


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