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Kit Sale: Unique Dye NT Red/Blue, Vanguard Demon, Shocker SFT, Full Freak Kit etc...


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Oct 18, 2009
Hi guys,

I've recently got back into paintball & having updated my kit selection have some old stuff to sell-off.

2010 Dye NT unique Blue/Red anno with Virtue Board £110 - SOLD
- I recently acquired 2 Dye NT's & swapped parts around to produce 2 unique colour schemes, Red & Blue with matching DYE UL 2-piece Barrel & small spares set I'll put together including spacers & O-rings.

Shocker SFT with Dynasty Frame £60
- Aired up & used only a month or so ago, would be a fantastic project for someone - sad to see it sitting in the bottom of my kitbag so I thought I'd let someone else enjoy it.

Vanguard Demon//Splash Anno with Matching Lucky Unitech Barrel Set £70 - SOLD
- Acquired recently - great condition with spare battery & parts.

JT Flex Goggles (Damaged Foam) £12 - SOLD
- I know people like JT stuff, yellow lens & interesting soft rubber bottoms I've not seen elsewhere.

Full Freak Kit with 14" Gloss front, 8 Inserts (Autococker & Shocker threaded backs available) £95
- Full Freak kit, great piece of kit but I have other barrel sets I use now.

Planet Eclipse (Large) Knee Pads £8

Empire Loader - SOLD
- Poor condition with classic speed feed, it does load paintballs ^^

All prices include appropriately insured postage - if paying via Paypal fees are included in the prices

Any questions please let me know ^^

Thanks & all the best, Ollie.
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James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
JT Flex Goggles (Damaged Foam) £12
- I know people like JT stuff, interesting soft rubber bottoms & yellow lens I've not seen elsewhere.

to me please
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