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Kitbag sale - Dye R2, Dye I5, Vforce grillz, Prophecy v2, E-Flex & Much more


Gabe Parker | Manchester Firm
Nov 21, 2011
Hi All,

All items for sale can either be posted (I'll calculate cost) or collection from CPPS (Next down on the 20/01/18 all day). I've cleaned all items, may be a few specs of paint or dust here and there. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE or PAYMENT FEES (If applicable).

1.) Empire Ultra 68ci 300/4500 psi tank, used for two seasons great condition needs re-hydro in June 2018. Price = £60

2.) Dye R2 Loader, used for one season worked flawlessly not one break includes speed feed but no hard lid, dye logos have come off on the side, Original box & speed feed box included warranty card also included. Price = £90

5.) Empire Prophecy V2 Loader, used for one season great loader comes with Exalt speed feed, 200 capacity no box included. Price = £50

6.) Empire Prohecy V2 Loader, again one season use this one has extended capacity (approx 240), empire logo has come off, includes speed feed & hard lid. Price= £50

9.) PE Etha EMC Etha rail mount kit in black, brand new in box. Price= £40

10.) Valken phantom agility elbow pads LARGE, used once. Price = £25

12.) Empire React pack, 5+8, used once perfect condition velcro like new. Price= £20

14.) Valken Pack used once velcro like new. Price = £15

16.) Green Sandana tag Price = £10 & Purple 'Supreme' sandana tag price = £10,

17.) Valken redemption 45ci bottle cover. Brand new, Price = £10

Any questions fire away thanks,


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