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Kitbag sale - Dye R2, Dye I5, Vforce grillz, Prophecy v2, E-Flex & Much more

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by paintballgabe, Jan 13, 2019 at 8:04 PM.

  1. paintballgabe Gabe Parker | Manchester Firm

    Nov 21, 2011
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    Hi All,

    All items for sale can either be posted (I'll calculate cost) or collection from CPPS (Next down on the 20/01/18 all day). I've cleaned all items, may be a few specs of paint or dust here and there. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE or PAYMENT FEES (If applicable).

    1.) Empire Ultra 68ci 300/4500 psi tank, used for two seasons great condition needs re-hydro in June 2018. Price = £70 IMG_1556.jpeg IMG_1555.jpeg

    2.) Dye R2 Loader, used for one season worked flawlessly not one break includes speed feed but no hard lid, dye logos have come off on the side, Original box & speed feed box included warranty card also included. Price = £100

    3.) Dye I5 Mask with Black thermal lens, great condition comes with microfibre cover and original box, with chinstrap. Price = £90

    4.) Vforce Grillz in Limited edition Zombie colour, rare to find no longer sold, worn a handful of times foam & lens great condition, no box included. Price = £75

    5.) Empire Prophecy V2 Loader, used for one season great loader comes with Exalt speed feed, 200 capacity no box included. Price = £70

    6.) Empire Prohecy V2 Loader, again one season use this one has extended capacity (approx 240), empire logo has come off, includes speed feed & hard lid. Price= £70

    7.) Empire E-Flex mask with clear thermal lens, good condition foam, no box included. Price = £40

    8.) Empire E-Flex mask with Black thermal lens, foam in good condition, no box included, left ear missing plastic lock (doesn't affect when in use) Price= £40

    9.) PE Etha EMC Etha rail mount kit in black, brand new in box. Price= £45

    10.) Valken phantom agility elbow pads LARGE, used once. Price = £30

    11.) Empire prevail pants size LARGE, used for one season usual wear but overall great condition. Price= £25

    12.) Empire React pack, 5+8, used once perfect condition velcro like new. Price= £25

    13.) 2nd Empire React pack, 5+8, used once velcro like new. Price= £25

    14.) Valken Pack used once velcro like new. Price = £20

    15.) Exalt tank cover (Fits 68, 70, 72) Brand new in packaging. Price = £14

    16.) Green Sandana tag Price = £10 & Purple 'Supreme' sandana tag price = £10,

    17.) Valken redemption 45ci bottle cover. Brand new, Price = £10

    18.) Empire E-Flex clear thermal lens, new Price= £10

    Any questions fire away thanks,

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