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Ladies I need your help!!! (And gents, if you have a lady friend...)


May 8, 2015
Hi there, I've been asked to rally up some lovely ladies to form a new ladies paintball team here in sunny Dorset! Including myself I only have 2 other ladies who are up for this!

So, I'm not asking for experience, I'm just asking for someone who can dedicate some time to training and attending events. Also you don't have to be local. If your happy to travel to training then that's even better! I am asking for a good sense of humour and we don't take ourselves too seriously, so if we're not on the podium then so what? We played and had a good time. (y)

Ok so now I've got your attention(or at least I hope so!) you should know a little bit more about us! The three of us at the moment play for the "Dorset Devils". We are just a bunch of crazy people who have decided to branch off and make individual teams from the 100 or so people who are Devils.

Our lovely founder, Uncle Bob, has also promised me some shiny new jerseys! He said pink, I said blue, we came to an agreement to have a bit of both :LOL:

There's not really a lot more I can say for now, but if your interested please do get in touch!

Thanks for reading!

Bird (15)

The Dorset Devils
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