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Large Clearance - Markers, Masks jerseys etc


F*ck Those Guys
Jul 6, 2001
Few bits to clear out to make space

*Splash Vanquish SSX – Complete with extra full parts kit, Barrel Sock, Barrel Kit, allen key. £250

*RL NXT shocker with RL Virtue board – Comes with a freak barrel back and front No insert) Sold as seen, it had a little leak out of the macroline. Nice collections item. Marker has been used and is over 10 years. (I can do more pics on request) £150

*Bob long Timmy (2K3/early 2K4 – Lasoya model) No idea on if it works. £80


EVS – Blue Mirror £35
*EVS – Silver Mirror £35
*EVS - Smoke Ninja £30
*Tan EVS with Smoke lense £55
*GRILLZ – Mirror (New) £30
*GRILLZ – Mirror (New) £30
*GRILLZ – Blue Mirror (New) £30
*GRILLZ – Blue Mirror (Used) £25
*Grey/Logo Grillz with Clear Lense. £45
*Infamous – Brand McCurly Top (XL) Orange £50
*Infamous – Brand McCurly Top (XL) Orange £50
*HK Black Longsleve (M) £22
*Gi Glide Pants (M) used for just over a season £22
*Exalt Arm Pads (M) Great Condition £22

*EVS frame Blue £15
*EVS frame Grey £15
*Push Marker Bag £15
*Empire Purple tank cover £12
*GI Camo Tank Cover £12
*Luxe Ice White Grips £12
*688 Dye Carbon fibre back and tip (14inch) £25
*HK Nintendo barrel sock £10
*Camo EVS Goggle Strap £12
*Green Profiler Strap £10
*CK Grillz Strap £18

Prices include postage and shipping - Items except markers will be advertised elsewhere.

Any questions please ask.


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