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Leaving the hobby sale

Richard Turner

Aug 5, 2012
Selling the rest of my gear as I haven't played in a while. All second hand but perfect and cheap for someone wanting to get gear for getting into the sport

Eclipse Overload Kneepads (L) £20

Eclipse Overload Elbowpads (L) £15

Empire fingerless gloves XL £5

Eclipse Overload impact vest (L) £20

Bunkerkings supreme pack £35

Eclipse Distortion code pants (M) £30 (Small tear on waist line as seen in photo, other than that great condition)

Dye slide shorts (M) £10

Union Jack headband £5

Dye Rotor W/quickfeed £40

V-Force mask £25 (White mask slightly dyed by paint and some scratches on lenses)

Drom 1.5 shoes W/studs UK 8 £20

Would prefer to sell as all in one so will offer discount for £150 inc postage

102802567_795983877889317_8497086349926950995_n.jpg102312589_610678692880075_3978586933146211405_n.jpg102474107_2652265525013697_7569873024239629770_n.jpg102383475_256314608792233_5581831270095917788_n.jpg102564645_288264789227688_7244499581421955988_n.jpg102600598_2130553117091407_3678250148677066336_n.jpg102916538_282601119784526_1918975560276817767_n.jpg102707381_3096100697079536_8289651558704470251_n.jpg102770922_2582515681988314_97224460269497995_n.jpg102809419_1618716851612797_8376174463114186410_n.jpg102417188_552059149033853_5823668495022704981_n.jpg102814779_264164587970975_4304001728989637477_n (2).jpg102699974_1345411385652920_418003146204006916_n.jpg102845024_1404737766379450_7013288230934426370_n (2).jpg

All prices don't include postage