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lets show off our sexy guns


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Jan 3, 2013
You are a genius.. Pm me I may be interested with a job preposition :p

I have been working on this for a little while and ever since watching Stargate I've loved the P90, I've seen some really good airsoft P90 modified for paintball but always with hoppers or ripclips which I've always considered cheating! So I decided I'd build one with a magazine and try and keep it as close to the P90 shape.

Images below is my prototype P90 with SP-1 internals, which I'm not too keen on this I'd have preferred a Mini or an etha, maybe for mk2. The mag again is my prototype, holds 27 shots. Currently test fired the marker just feeding by hand and I've filled the mag twice and test fired by manually feeding the mag, the only things I'm missing are springs for the detent and the drive. I ran out of money to get the springs before paintfest but I fully intend to have a fully functioning prototype by the end of the year, If everything goes perfectly I should have a fully useable marker with multiple mags and I want to get it out on a field and see how it shots plus test how reliably the feeding system operates.

What do ya'll think???

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Aug 3, 2015
First is my RAP4 T68 M4 Carbine/CQB completely standard

Secondly my Tippmann TiPX with long barrel/moderator, fore grip and all black block with full rail and another pointless rail I keep meaning to remove.

The two side by side for size comparison.

I've never used the T68 as I've not had a chance to go paintballing since I bought it and therefor never had the tank filled (bit of an impulse buy)! The TiPX is awesome though! Both are going up for sale as soon as I'm allowed to post in the classifieds :) It's about time they went to a good home where they'll be used!