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Loads for sale out with the old in with the new!!!!!!


Planet Eclipse
Mar 4, 2007
Manchester, Stretford
Selling all my old gear as I have new stuff coming in for the 2017 season

Grab your self a bargain!

All items are used and in standard paintball condition

Planet Eclipse HDE Classic Kit bag Hardly used in very good condition SOLD

Smart Parts Full freak insert Kit and case SOLD

Planet Eclipse Shaft FR Medium grey with dust gold joiner (only 4 in the world direct from PE) SOLD

Virtue Spire 200 ODG Colour with Black SF speed feed SOLD
Virtue Spire 200 Hydro Dipped camo with Black SF Speed Feed SOLD

2 x Virtue Spire Rain Lid £15 each

Virtue Spire Speed Feed Chromatic Fire SOLD

Fuel 1.1 Supra Lite Bottle with Ninja Reg Pro (not Pro V2) Expire date March 2018 Bottle is In excellent condition despite being used for 3 years reg recently serviced also SOLD

Planet Eclipse HDE elbow pads Medium SOLD

Planet Eclipse HD Core elbow pads large SOLD

Planet Eclipse 14" tip Sandstone Splash £30

Planet Eclipse Shaft 4 barrel Back Medium grey .685 SOLD
Planet Eclipse Shaft 4 barrel Back Medium grey .681 SOLD

Valken 4+3 pack £15

Carbon fibre bottle 1.1 Pro V2 reg test date was 24-4-16 bottles destruction date is July 2018 SOLD

Planet Eclipse NxE Pack 4+3 £25

Planet Eclipse Grey Classic Kit bag Bit muddy and paintball dirty good condition though SOLD


Kit bags £9.00
Packs £4.00
Bottles £4.00
Everything else £3.75

PayPal you must cover fees

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Sep 30, 2013

Please can i buy:

HDE Kit bag
HDE medium arm pads
A virtue Spire
Fuel bottle
Eclipse supreme pack

Shoot me your paypal with the total and ill send straight away