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Looking for a game or team


New Member
Apr 23, 2021
For some of you may know for last 6 plus years I have been shooting a Nikon instead of a marker covering best of British European paintball for paintball media and paintball photography.com. But after realising I can not commit to full seasons behind the camera and due to my work with the ambulance service and also clinching the chance to shoot in the USA until COVID hit I have decided to puck up my marker once more and take to the field.
I am looking for a team or teams who want a guesting player. Due to shifts I can commit to some of the season but one moth I work weekends but then off weekends for the next month. ... looking to play next round CCPS any dive Saturday and Sunday .... so if your team needs a player give me a shout.... ........
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Aug 6, 2022
That's not too much of a drive, sounds good! What days/times do your normally train?
And I have my own mask but that's about any, would I need to pick up anything else?
Feel free to message me any details if you want.