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looking for a team in east sussex!

Hey guys im moving home to hastings in a few weeks and i would really love to find a team is east sussex/kent

any one looking for a player? im back/mid and in the past year or so ive set up my uni's team and got them to there first tourney and big game (KOTH and Hostage), ive peronsally been playing on and off for about 7 years.

hope to hear form you soon!



Platinum Member
Nov 4, 2005
East Sussex

Straight up the A21, M25 to Dartford, come to D7's and see whose around, Speak to Rob from Samarai he has a very strong squad of players and may be able to help you, Also just come up and get a game or 2 in and you might get scouted you never know!!

Here's a link to Samarai's website. http://www.samuraipaintball.com