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Looking for team


New Member
Jul 3, 2016
Looking to play in tournaments around the country and participate in training whenever possible. If anyone has a team that needs a player to come train with them down South id love too!


Aug 12, 2014
Milton keynes
Hello guys welcome to the sport and good to see that your interested in tournament. I came into the sport about a year ago. My advice to you is find you local pro field there's some all over the country. Some examples are brickett wood, cpps, cribbs, skirmish Sherwood, one41 there are more but not sure where they are.

Talk to the players and there will be a few friendly teams that may not let you in the team but will let you train with them and give you a good start point.
The pro clinics are worth every penny. As they will not just give you a really good as will give you a good base for good technique in a lot of various skills.

If your still struggling keep an eye out on the cpps Facebook page as ainsley is setting up rookie days with pro teams designed to help lower end or new players into the sport and teach them.

Also be aware that after September is about the end of the season. So you will see after mid September a lot of try outs and clinics etc so get on the Facebook groups and keep your ears out it will come up.

Hope this helps


Aka Colin
Oct 4, 2013
Worthing - West Sussex

I'm the captain of the Team Unlimited CPPS Breakout squad. My role in Team Unlimited is to bring on new players for our main squad, by playing them in the CPPS introductory/starter division.

Team Unlimited are primarily a team setup to assist and promote disabled paintball players, we are expanding our squads and looking for more players to assist and boost our numbers. If any abled bodied players wish to assist and/or join then we'd be more than interested in talking to them.

We train at Bricketwood with many of the other squads, such as DOA, London Tigers, London Fearless, ECI, London Impact to mention a few. Bricketwood really helps the team and we are always thankful for their assistance.

We are also assisted and work with The Royal British Legion. We are proud to be allowed to wear the poppy and we are working with them to help disabled soldiers in any way we can.

Both of you (or anyone else) are more than welcome, if you want to come down to Bricketwood, train with our squad, meet other teams and generally get a start into tourney ball.

Pete kindly assists on here by giving us a forum page for the team, we also have a Facebook page, so you can see what the team is about and who we are.



Hope we can help you out - if not playing for our squads then introducing you to other teams who you can talk to.

If you are interested reply to this post or contact the Facebook page.