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Looking to join a team around Oxfordshire. Prev exp. Anyone out there?


May 14, 2007
swindon, uk
Oh hai there! So yes, as the thread title suggests, I am looking to join a team or even possibly help set up a new team in the Oxfordshire area if there are any? i have previous experience playing experience, although it is limited (trained with Oxford Plan B, however the team closed not long after i joined). So is there anyone here who is in a similar situation, or has a team who needs another player in the Oxford area? Relatively speaking i am new to tournament paintball, however i am very keen to learn, and gain experience in the sport, as its mint. Have already got kit, (ego 9 marker, mask, gas, speedloader etc.) and i appreciate the cost in this sport, i am not naive. Oh and i have transport via a motorbike.

But yeah, if you know of anyone who might be interested, or if you know somewhere i should try, then send a message! Thanks, Danny
Hi Danny,

Funny I actually played for plan-b aswell and actually sold up when they folded but I'm back in with reading entity and we are looking for players. Please give me a shout if you are still looking we have two teams to suit experience levels of all kinds. ;)