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Lousy Heroes Complete Download List


Free Agent..
Jul 16, 2006
Lovin' the Lousy Hero Videos at the moment. Awesome quality, smooth video and overall nice editing. Video's will take a few minutes to download (due to the large file size), but are always worth it thanks to the excellent quality.

Thought I would provide a complete download link list, saves trawling through pbnation. Please do let me know (via PM) if I have missed any videos out and I'll add them to the list. I'm only putting up post 2006 videos as the ones prior to this are of a much lesser quality.

Listed in order of release, with newest being at the top.

Epic Movie Preview

Medium Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/epicprev.wmv - 25mb

Epic Movie Preview 2

Medium Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/epicprev2.wmv - 25mb
High Def 1080p - http://lousyhero.com/videos/epicprev2hd.wmv -196mb

XPSL San Jose

High Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/sjhq.wmv - 676mb
Medium Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/sjmq.wmv - 272mb

XPSL Slow Motion

Medium Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/xpslslo.wmv - 60mb

Battle Ground Practice 1

High Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/bgphq.wmv - 288mb
Medium Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/bgpmq.wmv - 116mb
iPod Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/bgpipod.mp4 - 42mb

Battle Ground Practice 2

High Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/bgp2hq.wmv - 383mb
Medium Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/bgp2mq.wmv - 154mb
iPod Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/bgp2ipod.mp4 - 57mb

Sweet 7 Series - Event 1

Currently dead download links (new ones coming)

Sweet 7 Series - Event 2

High Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/sweet72hq.wmv - 311mb
Medium Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/sweet72mq.wmv - 125mb
iPod Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/sweet72ipod.mp4 - 40mb

Pirates vs Ninjas

iPod Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/pvnipod.mp4 - 22mb

Ghetto Ball

Medium Quality - http://lousyhero.com/videos/ghettomq.wmv - 50mb

Please do report any dead/missing links and I'll do my best to fix them.