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Luxe Ice - Velocity Issue

Oct 9, 2016
So stupid me didn't use my luxe ice for 2 years since I got it brand new, due to coming away from paintball for a while and then covid.
I recently came around to going again and had issues with the marker reaching 280fps (field limit) it was barely going over 180 at max adjustment. I took the bolt apart on the field relubed all o-rings and it shot at 250 at the highest velocity adjustment for around 5-10min and went back down and refused to go back.
Since that time I took apart the whole bolt, regulator and marker and changed 90% of the orings, using the ones that came with the marker in the box and lubed absolutely everything even the link between the frame where air goes through. I still need to shoot it to give it a try.
But if that doesnt solve my issue does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?


May 15, 2007

first thing will always be make sure the battery is charged properly... if it has been sat in a shed for 2 years,,, then the battery could be a contender for replacement (if it's been exposed to extended hot or very cold temps)

Just one note... if you have cleaned and replaced all the rings... please start with the reg turned way down before you air it up again (with a fully charged battery)... the last thing you want to do now is put far too much pressure through it :)

It's also worth checking that all the settings are at or very close to factory to start with too (dwell, anti bolt stick etc)
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