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M500 - The Revolution?


F*ck Those Guys
Jul 6, 2001
Probably already posted somewhere, but below new press release from Millennium series.



Revolution is evolution and all things must go through continuous evolution to survive, this is as true in our sport as in all things. It has been clear to all at The Millennium and the entire wider industry that the sport of paintball needs to adapt to bring back a greater skill element and more enjoyable playing experience.

Our solution will be exhibited on the CPL field in Puget as a tournament between four of the World's top teams. The rest of the event will remain on the traditional format until 2016.

Why change? What's wrong with Tournament Paintball?

The game has evolved to a point where the need to fire vast amounts of paint is becoming the norm. This is leading to a lower reward for skilful play, increasing team budgets at a time where recovery from the financial crisis is slow & an experience which is often becoming a negative to attract new players.

The Millennium has been listening to player comments and feedback as well as those of the industry & has wrestled with finding a simple & effective solution without taking anything away from what's great about our sport

Many parts of the current format are very good with the Millennium's original Race 2 concept being adopted world-wide. One of the reasons that Race2 was a success is the ability to easily adapt the format to players with different skill levels & budgets by simply changing the number of points played. We see no point or reason in changing this successful format, which has also made this an exciting sport to watch as a spectator, which has not been the case for many years.

Like other sports that involve continuous participation costs & equipment evolution, we must all remain relevant to the vast majority of grass roots players and the real world.

The Solution: M500

Using the current Race2 format but adding a limited number of paintballs per player per point. This number can be changed over time or by the player level/budget to achieve the best results for all. Our initial research leads us to believe that for The Millennium, this number works best at 500 balls/player/point.

How does it work?

Each player can access the field for each point with 1 loader (220 paint loaders) and 2 140 round paintballs pods. Before starting each point at the start base, players can switch pods between teammates. The game is then played using the normal Race2 format.

It's as simple as that


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Jun 2, 2012
Personally I think this is a great idea, but is not quite the finished article.

I tried a similar format with the King of the Hill series. Albeit that was simply a hopper of paint for all players and two pots for the captain to distribute at the start gate.

Perhaps to avoid restrictions on what hoppers or pots a player can use, the format will evolve to a maximum number of boxes of paint per team per match.

This would give another tactical element for the coach to work with,
- when to pack heavy, perhaps at the start of a match
- do you try and pack light to ensure you can go the distance if needs
- go out fully loaded and try and grind out a lead

Limiting the number of boxes allowed into the pits would also be easier to enforce.

- players free to use whatever hopper they wish
- players free to use whatever combination of pots

This aside I do believe that this is a step in the right direction.

In CPL the proposed format is still equal to 1 1/4 boxes per point, which could still workout to 11 3/4 boxes per match max.

Limiting the total paint per match to say 7 or 8 boxes would have a huge impact, whilst allowing teams the option to go out heavy for some points to win a match, they will have to do more than just throw down solid lanes, will require more all round skills.

Just my thoughts


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Nov 4, 2009
Glasgow, Scotland
sceptical of this. suppose i don't see it driving up the amount of cash coming in to the industry. is it really going to bring in that many new players/teams to boost the numbers?

If they apply this over the entire league, even if they bring in all the new players, they are collectively going to shoot so little paint that its going to be hard to see an overall improvement in the cash flow going in to paintball.

can hear the paint vendors crying already.


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Mar 25, 2014
With the margins for paint being incredibly thin, I wonder at what point the offset is between new players, and cases shot. It'd have to be something along the lines of, if we get X number of teams, we know they'll shoot at least Y number of cases, that's the break even point of people shooting less paint overall.

If we had actual numbers of cases shot per team and average cost per case we can probably get a pretty good estimate.


Feb 18, 2004
Sleeping in Bracknell.
I think a couple of variables are not being thought about by some players currently.
Firstly we seem to be assuming a player will use all his/hers allocated paint in each point.
Secondly we also seem to be thinking all 5 players on each team will survive the duration of each point.
So many scenarios to consider.
Image a team allocate paint in the way most of us seem to heading with a back centre getting 4 pots, inserts with 2 pots and true front guys just 1 plus their loader. What happens if you lose the back centre within the first 30 seconds. FUBAR !
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Mar 25, 2014
How much are cases of paint at Mills events?
Curious as to how much it'll save/cost with this new rule. Also curious about my budget for Puget :)