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Mag carrying rigs - show us yours!


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Jul 16, 2002
Essex, UK
So I ordered the gun and ordered some mags.....then realised I didn't have any way of carrying them, duh!

I've got some Fazmags coming from MagfedPB UK ( http://www.magfedpbuk.com/accessories/mags/faz-mag-milsig-tpx-dw ) so needed some kind of MOLLE vest/harness to hook them onto.

I've had problems in the past as I'm a scrawny wretch with a 30" waist and most stuff tends to swamp me - even elasticated tournament packs have tendency to migrate upwards towards my armpits. :)

Wasn't fussed about appearance and wanted something cheap - eventually decided to order a Bulle MLE harness from Flecktarn: http://www.flecktarn.co.uk/mctmb3nx.html

Bulle is Flecktarn's in-house brand and they tend to produce knock-offs of service kit from other manufacturers at cheaper prices. The MLE was available in OD green, tan or Multicam - would have preferred black, but went for the MC in the end.

Harness arrived today, less than 24 hrs after ordering (although I did pay £9 for special delivery, so nothing exceptional there). After loads of faffing with the many adjustments I've managed to make it a snug fit, just!

Build quality seems good, although the design itself is weird. One side of the belt is MOLLE and the otherside has fixed magpouches, which sit against your body. I guess if you wanted to you could reverse the belt and have the pouches outside. Not sure how comfy it will be with those pressed against my body, but unpicking them looks fairly easy if required.

Daft number of buckles and quick-release straps, not really designed for paintball. This pic gives you an idea of how much adjustment there is in the straps - I've literally had to coil up over 2ft of strap to shrink it down to my size. Fully extended I reckon it'd be baggy on Giant Haystacks. :)

One nice feature is that between the MOLLE side and magpouch side are two zippered pockets built into the belt. Look ideal for storing 12g or car keys.

Overall pretty pleased, will have to see what it's like to play in. Only change I've made is to use some velcro straps to add belt loops along the bottom to prevent the belt riding up. Will update pics once my Fazmags arrive.

Show us and pics and opinions of your setups! :)


Nov 27, 2006
I get the impression someone had a surplus of webbing straps going by the lengths you have their and that they added molle to an existing rig

I would guess the 'inside' pouches will feel weird, but see how they go and whether they fit anything for you. You should be able to unstrap it and reverse it to put the pouches the 'right way' round and use them if they fit your gear

For the excess strapping, if its not an issue then leave it folded up as you have done, but I would prefer to leave a reasonable amount, cut off the rest and heat/burn the edges to seal again so it doesn't fray

I have a couple of molle vests and a molle belt and configure these depending on how I fancy

My belt rig is:

For the dam I have a twin mag pouch, for my Tpx mags this:
I put together a review on it here:

And this 'drop pouch'
It folds up neatly and small when not in use and is just right for dropping use magazines-either so that it is quicker then returning to a proper pouch, or to keep track of empties and full magazines

I've found ebairsoft reasonable and they are either very quick or very slow
Recently I have cancelled my last 2 orders due to the time taken

I use various other pouches as well depending on what I want, EG a general purpose pouch into which I can put a 13ci cylinder and run a remote line


the other white meat.
Jul 29, 2013
Does anyone know where one can pick up cheap molle stuff?Need mag pouches and a mag drop/dump pouch.


Oct 22, 2013
If you'd like to carry more, be a bit more secure, and look cool then go for a vest or chest rig. If you just wanna carry a couple mags and a pouch then go for a belt

Tom Swire

Senior Grey Goose
Aug 22, 2013
anyone tried the new d-mag for the taccamo mag conversion kit??? i was waiting for it to come out for ages, then i went tourney, and now im going back to scenario lol, but always appreciated the concept of mag fed games :)