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Magfed Marker reccomendations


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Jun 24, 2013
Only issue with that is the postage costs. Would be cheaper for me to make my own in all fairness but thanks for the heads up.


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Jun 9, 2002
Just wondering,

Can the Tiberius arms T15 magazines be loaded with normal paintballs without the first strike attachments, and shoot them ok through the gun?

ie. you don't have to use the T15 magazines with the first strike attachments if you don't want to?



Dec 2, 2010
For OP my current "Magfed" setups are.

Duel Tipx with 10 zeta mags. Cheap belt with two Bulle p90 double pouches that can hold 4 zetas each. 12grams in a an elastic wrist band i made.

Duel Tibby's with 1 extended mag each, home made belt with elastic loops to hold up to 11 10round tubes and 6 spare 12grams.

Belt with two dump pouches to hold 10 cyclinders and either single or duel wield DRV. This is currently my main first strike setup, tibby is the back up first strike setup. Newest addition to this one is the a pair of Sharktooth HH rifled barrels so should be a bit more accurate at long long range now (hopefully)

GoG eNMEy with BT/Empire Sniper 10 round spring tube and 26ci tank and the same belt i use for the Tibby setup. This is my loaner/easytime/funtime setup and go to for especially cold days or when the other markers are all invariably leaking as pistols like to do sometimes. The tube and feed neck can hold up to 15 rounds and the first 10 and springfed, last 5 are always gravity due to the feedneck drop.

I say magfed in quotations because most of these setups have come from experience playing none magfed games. Hence why i don't use magfed rifles, too heavy vs spaceguns.

Gee Tee

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Mar 21, 2007
Dartford, UK
Mine is a proper DIY/Bodge job.

BT Omega with front barrel shroud removed and also the fake mag removed.
13ci bottle
BT SA-17 10 shot spring fed mag (Yes I managed to find one after a long time searching)
Just awaiting delivery of a fore grip with bipod built in and I'm good to go.
12 ten shot tubes for reloading but need a sort a way of mounting this somewhere. Looking at getting me a molle system.
@Payney - I've got a spare PB mafia drop leg rig was considering selling

Holds 12 x 10 shot tubes and about 6 x 12g

I'll post some pictures tomorrow


Oct 31, 2013
Dye Dam with 4 tethered 20 capacity Mags. First strike rounds in one of the mags. More if i can afford them.
TPX sidearm with first strike breach and FS barrel upgrade.
Dual remote lines if speed and mobility not paramount.