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Malware Attack on P8nt 15/12/2013


Jul 2, 2001
As some of you may have noticed tonight we were subject to a malware attack displaying a genuine looking, yet fake Java update alert.

We were targetted by a group of 3 or 4 individuals by the looks of it. Fortunately, it seems the damage is very limited and those members of P8ntballer who were effected have been contacted, however, some other users who may not be members may also have been effected.

If, during this attack you were one of those who downloaded the file it provided, and your antivirus did not pick up the file as such, I would highly reccomend performing a system restore to some point earlier than the 15th. If system restore is not available, I would reccomend performing a format and re-install of your computer.

The purpose of the attack was to target computers, and no user data or information was taken from the site.

We appologise for any inconvenience.


Bluey .. ... ...Teams :- Care Bears UK
Jul 7, 2007
actually it came up at the bottom corner of the screen when going into that Java post :- This will do your computer harm if allowed to be downloaded, I thought ... No way would P8nt do that !! So stopped !! but I`m sure with the volume of guys going onto the site, some could have .