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Mar 10 event

John Sosta

Active Member
Jun 14, 2010
We have had a year of almost constant rain and this has made the field severely waterlogged. Those of you that have been up to see me, have seen how waterlogged it has been.
We have been trying to get out there since the last event to do all the improvement works.
The water has made going out there to do maintenance work very hard up until this last week where things have started to dry out.
At the moment I would say that the field itself is almost in a playable state but the parking area is still very soft and would cause even 4x4s to get stuck. But we still have seven days for it to become usable so we will make the call on Wednesday after testing the surface.
Some good news is that all wiring and hoses are now underground and should be much more reliable and the new start gates are all built and in place, one is red and one is blue for al the people that cant remember where they are playing from :)
Hopefully the decision on wed will be that its going ahead.
One last thing is to thank to all those who have helped over this last week especially the Essex boys and Storm.
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