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Marker suggestion

What One

  • Dye DM10+

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • LV1

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • LUX

    Votes: 3 37.5%

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Dec 8, 2010
@foot I'll remember that for any future possible sales. I met Thomas in person today and sold the DM to him. Apologies for stepping outside the rules....
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jason p kitts

Platinum Member
Jan 19, 2017
Ok.. so I used to play a lot of paintball but unfortunately it come to a end when I my little lady arrived and ended up in a new home with big bills etc so needs must, the kit was sold.

But after having my little man just before Christmas, Iv decided it's time to start playing again! But it's been a couple years since I last played so I'm not to sure on Marker to get this time round. I had a DYE DM09 back then and it was flawless but now there's abit more choice! I would like a M2 but with two kids I can't stretch those prices of over a thousand!

So now I need help! Three guns I'm torn between and where it's been so long I want update thoughts ha. 1. Another DM looking at DM10-onwards.. liking the DM13 but hard to find one for sale. 2. The LV1 was always a gun I consider getting because I love the ease of pulling the bolt out to give it a clean but not a fan of the air flow system or the hope clamp but heard there great guns! 3. I'm thinking LUX never heard a bad thing about them and have seen a couple nice ones up for grabs. So please some one help make a decision lol - Thanks in advance