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Massive Thank You / Walkon at Warped


The Dude
Jun 14, 2020
Pelsall, West Mids
Ok so where do I even begin! Just come back from my first ever walkon and all I can say is......I AM HOOKED! There’s another 2 x Walkons before the year is out so I’m going to try and make those and have even more fun ^_^

I just went on my lonesome but made a few friends (even bumping into @jim1962) I got
loads of advice and everyone was pretty sound. Got given a Smoke Grenade and a pod of paint too!

Now I don’t want to sound all gushing etc but none of this could have been possible without 2 x people really helping me out. @Tony Harrison @Tom . The plan was to eventually get there but these 2 x guys dropped me a massive quality package which pretty much meant I could get up and go straight away!

It’s meant the world to me because you don’t know me personally but the effect your kindness and generosity has had. I’ve been having a tough time lately with a few things but just running around a forest shooting paint at people and I feel like a new man! :ROFLMAO:

Luckily only got tagged on my arms and legs that you can see, last game got a few shots to the bonce :LOL: All in all, a great day! Roll on the next one on 5th September!