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Masters/NPL April Review and MAY 16th/17th 3 Man and 5 Man update!


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May 25, 2014
Round 2 of the NPL.......I know that I say every event how amazing it is and how much I enjoyed it, but this event has been one of the best events, and believe me when I say I have hosted and attended so many events in 15 years......and not just for the usual reasons.....this one especially because everyone, as in players, marshals and staff just worked together as a team to make it so awesome, especially so when the wind lifted the marquee, which is no mean feat , as we expected heavy winds at some point, but this was so strong it lifted the riveted steel pegs and truck strap tensioners up out of the ground, and it was these awesome people that worked together to stop it lifting off and potentially hurting someone, then everyone either helped to take it down to make it safe while others moved tables and belongs to a safe distance....thank you thank you thank you for being so extra special and know that me, Jem Jem and the Masters crew really appreciated your help. It wasn’t just that, we always see some new players at each event, not necessarily rookie players but new never the less, and they are always made to feel welcome and given advice on equipment and how to play the game. An example of this, BZ Army weren’t able to field a team but they had three players down for a game, the most experienced player played with Phoenix 5, and the other two players had never played sup’air before, so one player went to Jokers and the other I put with DV8 2, both very experienced teams. All three teams were on the podium on Sunday, and they enjoyed helping the new players and the new players told me that they had enjoyed themselves too, as they felt confident on the field and were helped off field too. This is what makes the UK Masters what it is....and that’s why we will always be on the paintball scene.

Thanks also to BZ Paintball Supplies for attending events with a trade stand and paint, to the marshals for doing a sterling job as usual, and especially to Christopher, Karen and Ryan Dukes for being the most gracious and hospitable hosts to everyone, you guys really do help create the positive atmosphere that envelopes the events.....and you make an awesome bacon butty too ..

We used the newly released Millennium Bitburg layout, and I liked it, and watching the games all day, it made for an exciting field too, there wasn’t much of that sitting at the back and shooting lanes, it was a fairly aggressive fields with the whole field being used, when some fields tend to be teabag side heavy or snake side, the variety was noticeable.....so I hope the teams have as much fun at the CPPS on the 26th April.

The results for round 2 of the NPL

1st Durham DV8 2
2nd Jokers
3rd Phoenix 5

Well done to all the teams that attended but there can only be three winners....oh and the sweetie winners of course....
Also in attendance was Andy Sables from Fatbobs who has his own studio and will be producing his own show, watch this space as this is one very funny guy, and if you’ve seen his adverts on facebook you’ll know this.
Also check out the Urban Paintball website for pictures from the event....
I am also very happy to announce that we are running the first UK Masters 3 Man event in conjunction with Urban Paintball on Saturday 16th May, as I’ve already got 6 teams booked in, more information will follow, and yes the Northern Masters follows this on the 17th May, so if you would like to enter a team please call me on 07849 108 947, entry is £45 per player and include a mid range tournament grade paintball supplied by either BZ Paintball Supplies or Valken.

Camping is free on the Saturday night so we encourage you to make a weekend of it, and come join us, have a bbq and a few beers around the fire....