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Mayhem Mag Fed


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After the huge success of the Mag-fed games at the Mayhem Big Game, we are delighted to announce a special mag-fed game at Mayhem Paintball Games in Abridge on Sunday the 9th of November.

The day will consist of a variety of different scenario style games across some of our fantastic playing areas including the Urban (played at the Mayhem Big Game), our replica COD map Bog, the new Bridge Fort complex in Bridge Wood and we'll also be combining a number of fields to create some huge playing areas.

If you haven't played at Mayhem Abridge before, it is a remarkable paintballing venue with indoor heated kitting up areas, huge amounts of army vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, planes, etc, real showers and toilets, onsite shop, safe areas on every playing field with drinking water, and much, much more.

As this is the first game of its kind, pre-booking will be essential. The game will be £35 including 500 paintballs, additional paint will be available on the day at competitive prices. First strike will also be available to purchase on the day.

Mayhem is a site-only paint venue.

We have been advised that mag-fed players prefer a harder ball, and rest assured we will have rigorously tested the paint on our magfed markers prior to the event to ensure that the paint is up to scratch.

No pyrotechnics are to be used by players at this time, although pyrotechnics will be being used by Mayhem staff during the games, as part of missions. This will be explained to players on the day.

This is a totally new concept of the sport we love for us, and welcome any feedback and advice that you may have.

I am looking into the possibility of rental markers for the day, at present assume that it is not possible, but I will update this if and when that changes.

Online booking will be available shortly, but please help us to spread the word of our first mag fed event.

David Hodder
01708 688517
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Rockin VIP Cocker, So-Manc E1, LV1
Apr 19, 2014
Near Stockport
We cant make this date, but if all goes well and you do another at start of the year we would be interested (lots of notice so can book a b&b)


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Aug 29, 2014
I can't make this but will be keeping an eye out for another mag-fed / limited game from you guys next year