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Midland Masters rd1 CANCELED


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Apr 3, 2008
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Guys and girls

Unfortunately for reasons out of the Masters control, this weekends tournament has had to be cancelled. Jamie has called wendy and said that the ground is not fit for use. In 11 years an event has never been cancelled so it must be bad.

Jamie and trev from HPac are positive that due to weather due next week the ground should be good to go next weekend so we have rescheduled for Sunday 3rd February.

We are so so sorry for any inconvenience but safety has to come first.

Wendy, as we all are, is gutted about this and want to thank you for your understanding.

Any queries or questions feel free to contact us.

Im on here a lot and get alerts to my phone so just drop me a message.

Apoligies again to all teams x
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I can't believe it....the first time ever in 11 years i have had to cancel an event....i am truly gutted...but Jamie has called and told me the ground is not fit for use, so it must be bad....I am so so sorry for any inconvenience..

It is forecast for rain this weekend, which will help, and Jamie and Trevor (HPac) feel sure that the event will be ok to run a week later on the 3rd February...so i will have to reschedule till then.

My sincerest apologies.