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Midnight Lv1

The Dead Dodo

Platinum Member
Apr 7, 2008
Planet Eclipse Lv1 in midnight.
£400 all in
Marker shoots flawlessly, used it a couple of weeks ago and shoots perfectly straight with no issues, genuinely never had a chop in it either since I've owned it.
Condition 9/10. Small rub on the grip frame, and little nick on the back of the body, barrel back and some anno wear and nick on the tip. All of which the pictures show.
Comes with heavy and light rammer, spares (only spare I have used in my ownership is the rubber bolt tip), Allen keys (two missing) and the box (has usual marks and dings).
Had no intention of selling it and was considering getting it anno'd, however just bought a LVR so need to refill the bank account.
Advertised elsewhere as well.