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Millennium & PSP Format Changes


I'm a country member!
With both the European and major US series having recently announced changes to their formats, including field size changes and coaching rights, will the Federation be discussing a UK standardised format or will organisers be left to make their own choices/blindly follow the Millennium.

Personally, I feel that some of the changes made on both sides of the Atlantic would benefit the grass roots domestic game by encouraging more to play, making formats less suited to the elitist, however; I do see the reasoning behind following the Millennium format, for teams that will be playing that series throughout the season though, for the vast majority of UK teams, this is irrelevant, and, in light of recent discussions, liable to hold back the progression of tournament paintball at a national/regional level! Before anybody suggests that I may be 'having a go' at individual organisers/promoters, I think I know the majority of them, and they know me well enough, that we could discuss this individually, however, I see it as something that a national governing body should be taking responsibility for, and that goes for all nations, not just the UK!


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Mar 21, 2006
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thats one of the best posts i,ve read for along while
most of the teams that play the mills events play either the race to 4 or 2 formats so yes maybe keep these for those guys
but make the 5 man totally different fields maybe keep the gun rules the same but make the fields more fun :)