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Millennium Puget thread


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Nov 4, 2009
Glasgow, Scotland
some part of me really hoped Heat would make a comeback in the finals to get some revenge on tontons for that time (last year?) that they scored 3 points in about a minute to steal the event win from right under them. Still a good game to watch


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Nov 11, 2008
Amazing weekend all round. Good job by the UK teams. The 15s just got edged out by the eventual finalists Druids. Another 15 seconds and we'd have tied that game up. Penalties lose you games...

As for GB... It was a pleasure playing for them. If anyone is thinking/contemplating going for trials next year... Don't hesitate. It's a experience you won't repeat. Having sat and watched the Russia France game I actually thought we had a decent chance against them in the final. They turned up the dial to 11 in the final though.

The schedules at Mills.... Welcome to Mills. It's been that way since time began. Rule #1 at a Mills Event... If the schedule says you are playing at 1pm... Get to site for 8am. If the schedule says you are playing at 10am... Get to site for 8am.

As for paint. The GI paint we shot all weekend was a mix of 4 and 5 and it was flawless. Perfect breaks... Perfectly straight.

36 days till Bitburg... Bring it.


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Mar 25, 2014
Ahh finally freaking home and can decompress...while working from home.

Overall, amazing weekend. Really had a great time.
For fielding a team where the average age was 40 and where 2 guys from Sweden hadn't touched a gun in 7 months (one couldn't slide right because a muscle was torn in his chest), one of the 2 French guys on the team broke his shoulder going full scorpion slide in the snake on day 1 (we had a sub that we could line up thankfully), half the team had never played with each other, we finished 2 and 4, 5th place in our Group. I'm pretty ok with that result!

We had a great team pitting for us, and us for them, which saved our ass. (we did not know how crazy the scheduling was with the Mills and were quite taken a back by it).

It was tragic to have someone pass away during the event, and from a team that was in our Div, and we saw every day in the pits next to us.

Fields were great, ref's had 1-2 dodgy calls in like 14 points. I'm not upset about that at all, they did an amazing job.

Congrats to the UK teams. I was able to say to a couple of them, and saw the GB vets having some beers post match with their medals but didn't want to bother them.

Being able to hang out with Magued and Max was awesome, they're great guys.

Not sure I'll be able to make it to Bitburg but it's an incredible experience. If I can't make it for Germany, definitely will be over for Basildon.

EDIT** Forgot that I did have 1 penalty called on me, I traded out with a guy coming down the D side, (hit my hopper) and my teammate hit the buzzer right before I checked, so they called a 1 for 1, which made it a no point.

We go out the next point, and the other team ( it would have been our 2nd point on them, Race 2) didn't hear the no point, so they didn't take the field. Horn goes, my snake guy hits the temple snake side...sees no paint his way and launches into snake 50. I jog up, look at him and say "Kill 5!" he pops his head up, eyes bugging out, and is like...wtf?! Already?. Fun times.
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Aug 19, 2003
Remember the similarly between the actual layout and the upgrade kit layout? Who tests the product? It's not like the TonTons owner is the world's largest supplier of inflatable paintball barricades, or anything.
Ah yes, that old rumour that surfaces once a year, and has been doing the rounds since Laurent created sup air. I trust Laurent, he is a stand up guy. If he says they didn't, I believe him.


Nov 27, 2006
Reference the sample field layout pending later release or non release of a specific layout

As mainly a non tournament person who has now got a bit involved, just a thought - in the lack of any specific layout would it be worth a punt at just putting out the bunkers in the published sample just for the sake of having the cone bunkers in practice

Anyone who had done so then gets lucky with that turning out to be the layout


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Mar 25, 2014
I think it was more of a "well we made this layout, looks fun and incorporates the cones...the hell with it we don't want to design another layout, let's just roll with this"

Also...I never saw a game that anyone filled a cone, except as either a weird desperation move, at least that I can remember off the top of my head.