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Mills 2015 - What's new...


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Mar 25, 2014
As long as the quality is addressed. I know last year there were some pretty huge hiccups. One nice thing about the Mills access, is the DVR part. I know they stick the mills folks in a shipping container heh, kind of a rough gig.

Hopefully the cost is appropriate to the desire to improve the experience. I'm ok to pay, if it's enjoyable and better than what I've already gotten for free.


I'm a country member!
I agree with everything but the tree's being stupid. Pins were awesome. Great if used smart in a layout.
The pins were, if not awesome, at least useful, I can't see the truncated witch's tits being playable by anyone over the age of 12, except those that are both vertically challenged and built like an anorexic whippet! (Axel ;) ) Laurent seems obsessed with "technical" bunkers and the idea of dramatic plays. OK if the layouts are right and give the opportunity for gaining width, if the layout falls short of this aim then what we may end up seeing is teams digging in for long protracted points.

Addenda: I completely misremembered the proportions of the 'cones' so this post is irrelevant!
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Ash - GI Sportz

GI Sportz
Jun 14, 2006
GI Towers
I think they will largely function as a lane blocker, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Millennium put them in some key locations on the field too in a kind of risk/reward roulette where you have the best spot on the field but the hardest bunker to play.

Besides, unless I am reading it wrong, they will be much bigger than the cones of christmas past... 1.25m at the base (over 4 feet) and 2m tall (almost 7ft, roughly the same height as the old maya temples) so I think you would be able to play them quite well on your knees. But they will get small very quickly in the same way that it can when you are in a Dorito or Can and getting pinched both sides.

The other good thing with these bunkers being so thin at the top is they don't block as much line-of-sight for the spectators or webcast cameras.
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Jon S

London Faction
Sep 22, 2003
The Facebook post refers to it as "very technical bunker and has the added advantage that it can be used both inside the field and in the corners" - and the sample layout has them in the snake-side corners. Granted there are some in-field too but I wouldn't be surprised to see them being used as more than just blockers.


Head of The CPPS Mole Correction Facility.
Nov 11, 2008
They are very nearly the same width as the current Cans. People need to stop with the knee jerk reactions and wait till they actually see them.


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Mar 25, 2014
*grumbles* cones should be played laying down, no one respects their elders...damn kids on my lawn again *shuffles off*
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