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Milsim markers - poor design for paintball?

Canon Fodder

Go to your brother, kill him with your gun.
Oct 28, 2008
For 10 shot tube reloading see "agentsmith's miltecg2" video on youtube, trick with those 10 shot spring feeds supposedly is to mill out a hole just in front of where the spring locks back so you can lock the spring, pour in the tube, release the spring. you have to make the spring a bit fatter so it doesn't pop out of the hole though.


Dec 2, 2010
This was mine,, was a bit rough in the finish but worked very well. Also the white plastic attached to follower acted as a spring guide to stop the spring popping out. And on the marker looked like this.
Wish i had never sold it, worked better than both my tiberius markers!


Sep 29, 2008
pfffft Gomstar, dont dare ask the magfed comminuty if you can use a 10round tube . . they go bloody mental and get all agro.

I wanted to use a pump with stick feed . . NO. They want to play soldiers and they only want a certain way of loading those 10 shots to be used, even though it would be the same game of paintball.

Was really keen to give magfed a real good go, but they are getting so anal over it, its not worth the time and investment. They cant see this though. They think loading your paint in from a magwell is 10000x better than loading it in via a tube in the top.

Its a shame because they are limiting a niche corner of a niche market of a niche sport.
No way.. dude,,,i was like going to make a hole new design ,,based on a mech ..with a ten shot tube on the side,,,my god..
mag feed players are really turning into airsofters...< sorry mate > he he he LOL..

i just cant belive this,, its unreal...i know i have been turned away from a few mag games,,,even though i had my tac cap cat down to 20 balls and i was using one of my mech pups..

but they did not like the fact that i could load in under 2 seconds why they where fumbling with there mags..

ok said i...so i got my box mag out...you cant use that they said...why said i.. its a magazine,,,,yet there where other players using boxmags.... this type of thing really really bugs me...as at the end of the day it is just playing soldiers..

me i want to play paintball...ive done my bit in the mob...i have no desire to play soldiers...
like i say it bugs me...

so.. to get up there nose.. i could make a sten type smg... that has a ten shot tube in the side...again just the simple plastic tube..< faster loading > i could even turn round and say .. the best and greatest smg ever made,,,the greatest and most loved by the troops who used it..< the best test >

namly the owen smg,, just had a tube on top of the action...this is where the mag went...like a mini bren gun if you like...\or like a sten gun but with the mag just sticking out of the top...

when i see the name mag feed event.. it means just that...oh well....next project will be a system that lets me use..side feed ripclip... then a ten shot tube,,,then a normal hopper on top...with just a few twsits of a allen key...

and i have worked out a way to load the ten shots tube ..really quickly...

roll on next year,,

ps.. i think we should have a game,, ten shot tube vs mag feeds....