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my new pump marker

Canon Fodder

Go to your brother, kill him with your gun.
Oct 28, 2008
Jeez that was a boring pump video
Been thinking about this recently and virtually all of the paintball videos you watch on youtube are boring with a few exceptions such as the midnight angel ones (and he plays in a style most people are unlikely to be able to replicate).

I think I've pinned the problem down to two things, the first is the editting, it just takes so long to edit a video most people just sling them up whole, the second is players carrying the cameras, either on their heads or barrels, by the very nature of paintball this is going to result in a lot of footage of the back of a bunker or the floor.

The exciting bits you remember are either the shots you watch hit someone (which means your generally staying out of cover too long, especially with a pump unless your shooting from a realtively safe place in shich case the cameras unlikely too be able to pick up the hit because of the distance involved) or the running about which again is generally you looking at the floor so you don't trip (in the woods).

I think I've worked out how it could be made better, convince the refs to wear cameras, they generally will have a better veiw of what's going on, then take all the raw footage and edit it right down.

Simon palmer

Jul 1, 2013
I played pump for the first time the other day and it was a lot of fun. being sneaky, trying to be first of second ball accurate a day using a rely any paint (or air) and still having tons of fun!


Jun 23, 2013
It's strange. It seems that all the decent pumps excluding the Empire Sniper have disappear from all the stores.