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My Review of the Warmup event


Lady Organ Grinder
The first event of the season was the Warmup event on the 8th February.......

What a great start to the season, the new venue at Urban Paintball is on a par with the CPPS grass fields, good amenities, hard standing car park, flushing toilets, good food, and Christopher Dukes, his wife Karen Dukes and son Ryan, you are now officially an extended part of the UK Masters family, you made us and the teams that play our events feel so welcome. This venue will put the UK Masters back on the map, we are here to stay for the longevity.... I promise.... It has everything we need to become strong again, and we will have the support the industry this time. And what other event has The Hoff there!!!

Thank you thank you teams too, I have always enjoyed my job, running events for you all, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one more than any of the others, and I hope you did too, talking to Jabba and Jemma Baldock post event they felt the same. It was great to have the support of BZ Paintball Supplies too, it always creates a sense of event having a good trade stand in attendance.

Thanks to Jabba for being Head Ref, he will attend as many events as he is able, and to the certified UKPL refs, and Masters refs that haven't been certified yet for an outstanding day of reffing.

I was hoping for 12 teams but ended up with 8, but I am hoping to see some of the current teams with two in attendance, and teams that were missing were Aces, Freestylerz, Madtoxic, and Dyehard... We look forward to seeing you for the first NPL on the 8th March. All 8 teams were good teams so it was a well balanced division.

We are actively supporting Paintballers 4 Kids again this year and tried to run a 1vs1 comp at dinner time with little interest, everyone was still warming up I feel.

By dinner time a definite divide could be seen between the teams, F.e 2 just pipping F.e, and BZ Army, but all three in reach of DV8 and DV8 2.... Even with the race for first place there was no arguing or kicking off. I'd just like to say at this point Jokers losing games that came down to one on ones, Phoenix 5 that are normally top three struggled a little having to play their regular four and rotate a fifth player from F.e, which is strange as they normally have a squad of 7 players. Asylum Loonatics, what went wrong, not on their game but then it was a warmup, again another team normally top 5.... But they looked good in their HK Army ensemble....by round 7 DV8 2 were starting to pull away from everyone with Jokers showing their game face they came into play..... Just three rounds left and BZ Army, F.e 2, and Jokers all drop a crucial game that with one game left leaves DV8 2 in first just a flag grab of 25 points to keep them there, DV8 need a win, they play each other for the last game and DV8 show them whose boss and make it look easy, which is a surprise as DV8 2 had beaten them convincingly earlier on in the day. So now it was down to F.e, a win would take them into first over DV8, but they were up against BZ Army, it was a good game, with F.e being 4 on 2 at one point but BZ Army made a strong push teabag side and took them out across field, the flag hanger was called clean and they were pushed down to third. At this point I need to say that two of my refs mentioned how well Noodles from BZ Army had played throughout the day.

So the results were;

1st Durham DV8 - 729

2nd Durham DV8 2 - 708

3rd F.e - 707

So you can see how close it was at the top.

4th F.e 2 - 607

So again thank you everyone for a most memorable first event of the year and I look forward to seeing you all back at Urban on the 8th March...