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Need opinion on DYE NT10


Well-Known Member
Jun 1, 2012
Vilnius, LTU
Hi there,
So I've found NT10 on sale. It goes as not working/ for parts. Need opinion on what it is worth in working condition (+/-)?
Set contains gun itself, UL barrel, DYE tool, some spares, zip case. It was a tournament "war machine" for some time. Cosmetic appearance doesn't matter for me as I'm planing custom project on it.


Aka Colin
Oct 4, 2013
Worthing - West Sussex
In nice clean working condition I'd guesstimate at approx. £200 mark, and I'm possibly being over generous. I bought an NT11 off here for £230 almost a year ago - it was in very good condition and well maintained and laser anno.
FYI the Barrel will be worth approx. £15-£20, the DYE Tool £15 and the case £10-£15, so factor those figures into your price you pay for the NT10.

Captain bitchslap has helped me with a broken SLG (very much appreciated) and is a DYE techie. You might want to tap him up for the price of NT10 spare parts depending on how "broken" the NT10 is.