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New DYE toys

Discussion in 'Dye / Proto' started by systemx, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. RemcoV Member

    Oct 9, 2016
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    My quess is around 200 euro for the M2 board plus charge pad. Evoke should be around 160 euro?
  2. systemx Peace through superior firepower

    Jul 3, 2011
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    Right I have got my Mos air PCB board, replacement grips and charging tech pad. I have fitted the board which was straight forward enough, although the micro switch on my board feels ever so slightly stiffer than the old one but I'm putting that down to it being new.

    Upon boot up I noticed a few differences immediately in so much as the main screen now has a blue tooth icon and an R2 icon on it at the top, so a wireless connection to the R2 is clearly on its way! Did someone say intelifeed? ; )

    The MOS menu system is the same however there is some differences with the firing modes most notibly Millennium is now called NXL Ramp and the addition of something called outlaw mode? I need to investigate this further as I have no idea what this is, although it could very well be a user defined firing mode. The board is also running software version 2.01 I think (I will check later)

    The wireless charging function Is enabled using what is essentially a flat coil housed in a plastic carrier that neatly clips into the grip frame. This goes over the top of the battery pack (you need to use the existing pack) It has two extreamly fine wires about the width of a human hair that terminate in a micro plug on the board. This all fits nicely under the grips and has the fit and finish you have come to know and love from the M2.

    The grips themselves are identical asides from having an extra recess in them to accommodate the wireless charging node. Of note I had to transfere over the little cover for the USB port from my old grips, no biggie but a bit fiddly. They also appear to made from a slightly different rubber but that may well just be me!

    The charging tech mat is made of rubberised foam and is essentially a charger only as it is practically too small to use as a tech mat IMHO. It has a single USB lead connection which is the same as the M2 charging lead supplied with the marker.

    I'll get some pics of the board in the marker, the GUI and charger added later on today for those that may be interested.

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  3. smudgerebt Rockin The M2, R2, Fuel, Exalt

    Apr 19, 2014
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    Did you find out what outlaw does?

    After all these months, worth it?

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