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Nov 27, 2006
Question as a newbie to the forum. How do I develop suffice privileges in order to respond to wanted ads or to post for sale. I have an extensive collection I have finally committed to part with. All great clobber, must never fielded and certain to be of interest to buyers.
As per the rules and all the threads about the rule:
For new members the privilege is not there until you have made 20 non spam posts across a 2 week period
Alternately upgrade your account to platinum for instant access
As an older member who jointed before the rule the system treats you like a new member on your return
Either wait, do the platinum or tag a Moderator and ask nicely for the privilidge, however some people turn up making demands and that ends up with grumpy moderators. It's a forum and not a trading centre so it's preferred that trading is a privilege for users of the forum


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Dec 10, 2017
I was thinking of buying a Tippmann 98 custom to start playing paintball. I had never played paintball before, but I had played airsoft with friends years ago and loved it. Now that I much older and have a car and have the freedom to do whatever the **** I want, I want to get into paintball is it a good I idea to buy gear or rent. I'm most likely to go by myself to the field to play. Another question do I need to bring people in order to play paintball?
or do employee at the field assign team mix with strangers?


Sad but true
Apr 22, 2007
Bracknell UK
The best thing to do before spending any money is go and play. Your fine to play just by yourself as you will be allocated to a group or drag a few friends with you. Play several time before you spend money on markers or anything else. Buy it second hand from forums or facebook from others who have never played before and then spend a fortune on kit to find out they dont like it or cant commit as much time to play as they thought.

The first thing to buy is a mask as having your own thermal lensed mask will make a massive difference to your fun on the day when it doesnt fog up like the punter masks. Also knee pads as you will be amazed at how much time you can spend kneeling down.

A tippmann 98 is a very solid starter marker and will last forever with minimal maintenance and most fields (except delta force) will let you take it and use it with other punters as that is probably what the site runs anyway. Also good starter markers are the Gog Enmey:

Dont buy a .50 cal make sure its .68 calibreas thats the most common paintball calibre used.

If you have the money and really want to get into the sport I would recommend this:

Buy a second hand Gtek for about £300 or so

Probably the best electric mid range maker on the market IMHO.

Add a Gmek frame so you can use it on normal punter days or at mechanical events.


Also if you buy a spire 260 at BZ you can get a free vio extended mask:

Hope this essay helps :)
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