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New player to the game :)


Nov 27, 2006
Small world, yeah its ok I agree its a total rip of when it comes to the paint, I went a few years ago and it was better priced think they charged about £50 for 1000 paintballs and gear rental which wasnt too bad as it lasted me a full day. Think now its £15 rental and £80 for 1000 paintballs which is getting too much.......

its £60 for 100 paint balls and rental equipment which sounds ok, never heard of it though so im not sure if its any good, Anyone here been or heard anything about it?
£80 for 1000 at delta Force is if you buy 100 at a time (£7.99 per 100)
They are still £69.99 for 1000, which Is pricey but still in the general price range for punter paintball sites
Delta Force will probably tend to be at the higher end of price ranges because they are the industry giant and win the marketing game. Independents have to compete against delta Force and generally will then have a lower price, but still a similar price structure

delta Force aren't my favourite people in the world, but I'll respect them for doing punter paintball very well

(I assume you've made a typo for Wakefield with £60 for 100!)

Your ideal situation is to move on from punter games to walkons or events

Paintfest is highly recommended by me, (full disclosure ..... I've been involved with paintfest by running a mini game there as part of TFD for the last few years, and our sponsors are supporters of the event)
I am biased about paintfest, not only because I've been involved but particularly because I think it's the best site in the country, has major history relevance to U.K. paintball, and is owned & run by some of the coolest people in paintball.

My favourite part of paintfest is the atmosphere, you get every type of player, every type of paintball and can drop into thr games or chill around the safe zone / trade area
Be there or be square!
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Jan 23, 2017
This is all great guys, all of this is really interesting I never knew all this stuff existed.

I guess I have some homework to do.

Thanks for all the Info Tom ill give it a look :)