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Newbie looking to start out

Danny Fielding

New Member
Jul 10, 2018
Hi am new to this forum and to the game of paintballing I played a few times now and I looking forward to buying a gun and moving on from there. However I wouldn't have a cule on where to start when buying a gun or what types to go after so if any 1 can point me in the right direction or possibly be able to sell me 1

Many thanks Dan


Bluey .. ... ...Teams :- Care Bears UK
Jul 7, 2007
Hello Dan and Welcome Mate, First things first ? Where are you at ? If you click on my picture, you`ll see what I mean, you could do the same ?
Is it for the Woodsball or Speedball your looking to play at?
as these Modes are very different !
>> Bluey

Sunny London

Easy Does It
Jun 4, 2018
North London
PBRML at the below link has some videos that are quite good talking about equipment.
There are several other youtube video authors that do good paintball reviews and stuff. That might help you find out what's out there and decide on what you might want to buy.

My advice is stick with a well known brand that has good after market support and is familiar to most field techs / air smiths. Reliable and decent quality brands include Tippmann, Empire, Planet Eclipse. Best thing is to do research and see what you like.

Another good idea is to join a walk-on game and meet other players. Most will let you shoot their paintball markers. Should give you a feel for performance and ergonomics.
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Sep 1, 2017
in general new players go with a mechanic gun, but if you can afford it, i would say go with an entry level speed gun, like the dye ryze or the gog enmey. the main reason, the price of those is not so far from a basic mechanic gun
and gives you the flexibility to try all ways to play and you wont have to spend extra money once you have acquired the mechanic one and decided to go for something faster. It happens a lot.
Good luck and good learning
Oct 15, 2015
hey man, I went for a tippmann a5 to start with as i was on a budget and was looking for something reliable and durable. do a little of research into beginner woods ball/speedball markers to get an idea of what the two game types are about, but your best bet to start off is probably going to be a good woods ball marker. Next thing is a solid mask!!! something that doesn't fog up and that feels comfortable. Invert do pretty good ones for cheap.
After that just go and play. Where i first started beginners and advanced players were mixed and so were the game types we played. That was great experience and taught me to be more aggressive. oh and ask questions. loads. you'll learn faster and will make less people angry on the field! ;)