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Next Formula 5 event

I used to good.Honest

UKPSF #7126
Oct 20, 2013
25/5/2014 that's the 25th of May for any folks who don't understand just numbers.
Places are limited. want to beat a team of old men that won it last time. head on over to the formula 5 page on facebook
and message the guys to register your interest.
Here's the team that won the last event, basically a bunch of old men and one young whippersnapper.
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Jul 5, 2001
I'm coming down but not to play - I'll default to my media duties and do a write-up on the event.
One thing though, if anybody thinks I'm gonna write about yet another fuhking tournament victory for Marcus then you are gonna be disappointed :)
I did enough of that sh!t in the 90s thanks.
I was out with him last Saturday and a few of the other Preds, I think Marcus is thinking of putting a team together to go stateside and play their woodsball league. He even stated that although he vowed never to reform a 'Predator' named team, if he felt the team were good enough, he'd consider it.
For players wishing to play woodsball Stateside, and be part of one of paintball's legendary teams of all time, then I'd have a serious think about it and watch this space.
Marcus is supremely fit and all fired up again, I know what he's capable of and if he puts his mind to anything then he's gonna go do it.
It should be fun !!!
Addendum: For those interested, just ask Stevie Beale [I used to good.honest] and he'll tell you what it was like to be a Pred and play for Marcus ...
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