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Nexus EGO 1of1 (2006) and Camo Flex 8s


Peter Pan of Paintball
Feb 25, 2005
Got for sale the following:

1 of 1 Nexus EGO
- 2006 Model
- Team gun owned by Phil Lacey of Nexus fame
- Custom 1 of 1 annodising, looks like a shiny 2p "Copper" anno
- Nexus team Eclipse Board v2.00 (not fitted) will do 10bps (7.5bps start Millennium)
- Lucky 2006 board v11 with Spitfire chip, 2009/2010 legal programming. Will chuck in a Lucky ACE chip too if asking price is met.
- 14'' Eclipse Shaft barrel, 2 piece, 0.693'' bore
- 16'' Dye Ultralite barrel, 2 backs; 0.692'' and 0.695''
- Nexus Cure1 protoype bolt
- Eclipse Comprehensive parts kit (orings, eyes, detents, screws etc)
- 2005 style ego box
- Manual on CD

Was tempted to put this on the 'Nation but let you guys have a look first.
Bit of anno wear as youd expect on barrel tip, and bottom of reg. some minor blemishes elsewhere but Id say this was an honest 8 or 9 out of 10
Anyone who knows me knows that I can tech EGOs and this shoots very nicely, quiet (tuned) and fast.
Recently rebuilt the rammer, no leaks to speak of, this gun is a 100% shooter and will keep up with anything.

Will ship anywhere, you pay shipping and insurance.
Looking at offers but guide of £225 ish

JT Flex 8
- Camo frames
- Camo strap
- Sand colour faceplate
- New(ish) clear lense, very good nick
- Old mirror lense, wearable, but scratched.
- Cut down in "all the right places"

Looking for £25 posted or £22 at CPPS

Prefer Bank Transfer, will accept Paypal as owed or you pick up the fees.
Or of course cash, at CPPS training / events or in person (Manchester)
Only selling due to acquiring 2010 equipment


Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007

If you still have the Flex 8's, I'll take them for 22 - I can meet you with the cash, as I did with Aaron.