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Ninja v1 reg questions on C.F 4500psi Tank


Paintball Ro0kie
Jun 26, 2008
Hi Guys

So someones selling this ninja reg ( http://www.ansgear.com/Ninja_Adjustable_Tank_Regulator_4500_PSI_p/ninjatank-reg45.htm ) and I have a carbon fiber 4500 psi bottle which has from what looks like a standard Reg on it but it hasn't had any air through it for a while. The Ninja reg is a v1 and apparently a high pressure reg (what does that mean?).

- Is that suitable for my bottle / certain markers?
- Is it not wise buying a 2nd hand Reg for safety reasons?
- Will I actually get any noticeable benefit over my standard reg?
- is a V2 ninja reg better?

Thank you for your help


Jan 7, 2010
Right first off I am by no means the an expert, but I use now and have used both Ninja V1 and V2 regs currently a V1 if that helps, they are one of the better regulators about in my opinion as they can be set up in many different ways physically that is rotated around so that the fill nipple won't be in your way and access bl easily, also the regulator can be set for either hi, mid or low pressure by adding or removing internal shims if it's set up at hi pressure at the moment that means it has all the shims installed so if your marker is one that operates better on lower pressures it's a straight forward job to remove them. The major difference between a V1 and V2 reg was in the bonnet the V1 uses a pin style that's most common in regs whereas the V2 uses a ball bearing now here's where it's person preference I think the V1 pin style is better than the V2's ball bearing one as a few markers did have issues with them when first released. Hope my ramblings is of some use to you and I have no doubts if I've made an error in here someone with more knowledge than I have will correct me.


The brotherhood
Aug 1, 2003
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High pressure output reg means that it's set at around 850 psi, which is what is generally considered as standard out put, so if your marker has been running of a bottle with "standard" type reg it'll be fine.

Personally i wouldn't recommend buying second hand regs unless you know a lot about them and can strip them down and rebuild them before you put them to use, it's not unheard of for people to strip threads on things like fill nipples and basically glue them back in place, it's even been known for people to cut up coke cans to "repair" burst discs with, which is like replacing a fuse with a nail to stop it blowing.

You probably won't notice any difference over your standard reg, but as Trikky says, these regs are user adjustable with the parts to do so available.

No idea on the last one.