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North east Teams

Sid Sidgwick

North East Killers-Lethal Bizzle
Hi mate you have the North East's top team in Lethal Bizzle on your doorstep. Two teams playing in the CPPS in Division 1 and 3 and with an army of around 40 guys playing woodsball events across the country. Based out of Teesside (Headquarters being BZ paintball in Thornaby)


New Member
Mar 29, 2017
ahh thanks ive just started getting into paintball and played a few times at battlezone never played any tournament style games so it would probably more to just come and get a feel for it id be no where near team ready haha

Sid Sidgwick

North East Killers-Lethal Bizzle
They host a woodsball tournament style event for guys wanting some competitive team based fun in the woods. This runs around 6 times a year (last Sunday was their latest event with the next in a few months time) and is a good way to get into a teams in the region (there are around 10 different teams playing it, all made up from local players)
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