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Northern Masters - 16th February - Round Two


Lady Organ Grinder
Back to Castle Farm....postcode WF2 7JA.....we have moved into stage two of the rebuilding work planned for what is going to be the best tournament venue in the North......also as from March it will be available as a training venue, but more information will follow. I was hoping that it would be further along by now but the rain has hindered that...

If teams would like to train on the Saturday before the event, please call me so I can arrange air.....the fee is £5 per person, my number is 07849 108 947...

It is shaping up to be another good event.....with the help of Phil, Simon and Armo we are trying to create more of an event rather than a tournament, so I have a lot of things planned....

We have a regular set of marshals now too, that are fair, up to date on the rules and want to make sure you all have a good day.....

If you need paint or any spares etc then call any of the three vendors that regularly attend my events...BZ Paintball Supplies (Damo 01642 605000), Envy ( Anna 07572 430198), FS Paintball (Chris 07786 372887), can all teams please make a point of ordering their paint thru event vendors to make it worth their while being there....

I am running 5 Man and R2.....so book your team in NOW!!!

The field layout will be different, i'll sort it in the next couple of days and post it here!!! So don't bother asking....you know who you are ;););)

A full team list can be found on the forum at uk-masters.co.uk

A reminder that camping is available and free.....please don't leave Rab alone like last time.,..

I look forward to seeing you all very soon....

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