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Now Driver Wood ceases Walkons too. What future for Walkons in the South East?

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
Id written a long a$$ post the other day but didnt submit....

If you want more walkons then something needs to happen at a site level and player level.

Site Level - need to give good fields with easy to understand formats as well as making it as wide of a net as possible so in my opinion simple games capture the flag etc with 10bps semi gun rules

If the site is good and advertises a walkon then new prospects will emerge but they need to lead this.

Player Level - be a decent person, im not saying dont mug people out or get close, just there is no need for overshooting etc

Do the simple things loan out kit, give it away, spend time talking to people who want to speak to you.

We talk about old faces and im sure i could list 20 people i used to see at various sites - some i still have on FB and they have just moved on in life. Some probably left because they felt value for money had diminished. Its not that the majority went to play a different kind of paintball.

I honestly dont think its a consideration for team players, if you only have £xx to spend in a month you simply cannot go elsewhere.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to play when we want often do frequent walkons, as I and about 10 other UKWM players did this sunday past at Campaign.

If i was in a position / had the need to, id put a solution together but im already spinning plates.


300lb of Chocolate Love
Jul 31, 2007
Harlem, NY
hey, I qualified my statement as 'being a dick', so I don't feel I have to apologise afterwards... I apologised beforehand!
Problem with walk-on play is that people just want to show up and play whenever they feel like it. If your local field ran walk-ons only once per month (last Saturday of the month for example) then everyone that wanted to play would be forced into that one weekend, which should give you more players, in theory, but also requires you to follow the structure and play on that weekend. If that weekend doesn't work for you, you are out of luck. As there are fewer players, the goal would be to condense those players so that there is a decent group to play with.
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