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NSPL 2012 information ( provisional )


Feb 18, 2004
Sleeping in Bracknell.
Copied from NSPL forums :

The Natwest Southern Paintball League is happy to announce its provisional plans for 2012. The league will be consolidating its events to run a small number of tournaments to the highest standard possible, once again providing the best place to compete in tournament paintball in the South of the UK. We aim to bring Southern Paintball back to the forefront of the UK scene and will require the support and the confidence of the player base to do so. Read on to find out how we can work together, towards a better paintballing future...

NSPL 2012 will consist of 4 events only, all of which will be held at our Reading venue.

Provisional dates are as follows (please note that I need to check a few things about these dates, so treat them as very provisional at the moment):

Sunday, April 1st
Sunday, May 13th
Sunday, July 8th
Sunday, August 19th

We will be running four divisions, with prices for event entry frozen for yet another year:

Division 1 - Race to 4 - £300 Entry
Division 2 - Race to 2 - £250 Entry
Division 3 - 5 Man - £210 Entry
Koth Division - King of the Hill, 5-Man - £175 Entry

There will be no prizes at any event or at the end of the season. You are fighting it out for the titles, trophies and bragging rights. If the industry would like to offer the league more support, we will pass this on to the teams in the form of prizes, but that remains to be seen.

Spaces will be limited. We will require teams to book in, paying a £100 deposit, by March 1st. If, by March 1st, we have not filled our divisions to our minimum requirements, the events will not run and the league will take a break for the remainder of 2012. This would be announced on March 1st so everyone has plenty of forewarning. However, we are confident we can hit our minimum requirements.

The full Entry Fee will then be due at each event, rolling the deposit on to secure your team's place in the subsequent event until the last event of the season where your deposit will be returned to you. If your team misses an event, your deposit will be forfeit and your place in all the remaining events will be offered to teams on our waiting list.

We are expecting teams to play the whole season! As it stands, at four events, we do not consider this to be too much to ask for.

In return for your commitment to the league, you will be guaranteed events that are attended by a decent number of teams, which will (in turn) enable us to attract the industry back to Southern paintball tournaments, which will create the buzz we are missing, which will make for better events, in demand events, full events, competitive events! In other words, we'll give you back what you deserve: damn good tournaments that you can be proud to be a part of.

The NSPL will be doing everything within its power and budget to ensure these are the very best Reading events you have ever attended. We will once again deliver the standard of event that you have come to expect from the South's premier paintballing league. There will be plenty of staging, ample car-parking, marquees if the weather turns bad, music, family activities, trade, free spectating and great paintball on Millennium fields using Millennium rules.

Put your trust in the NSPL to deliver, by far, the best option for tournament paintball in the South in 2012. We'll deliver the goods and we'll continue to strive for better events and a better deal for players and teams in to the future. The NSPL cares about the experience you are receiving. We've taken a long look at the declining Southern Paintball scene and instead of just plodding blindly along, worrying only about making a quick buck, the NSPL has come up with a recipe for recovery. Its now down to you to support us and make that recovery a reality.
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Kevin Winter

Well-Known Member
Dec 10, 2008
Beauty of Reading is that it is ONLY used for the NSPL weekends - so totally fresh, long lush grass, no mud and lots of room for staging, camping and partying.


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Feb 18, 2006
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Teams should get moving to register now for a really decent league.

NSPL offers some of the best reffing, Clean Fields and superb staging that's available in the Uk.

Get booked in now :)