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NSPL and KotH Round 1

Syd (NSPL)

NSPL and Pr0to KotH
Aug 30, 2001
Torquay, UK
Due to the drop in team numbers and unforseen field issues at Bricketwood, there has been a bit of swopping and changing about how exactly the first round of the 2011 NSPL season will run. With the team list now finalised, we have made the decision to run two divisions this Sunday, a Race-To-2 group in the morning and a combined Div 3/Div 4 group in the afternoon.

This will give everyone attending the best event possible under the circumstances, and is in line with our announced plans earlier this year. The only thing missing really, is Division One. We hope to see a return of the top division and Race-To-4 format at the remaining five legs of this year's league.

At this point, can I ask all teams to ensure they book in early for subsequent events and do not leave it to the last minute. This will make it much easier for us to organise each event and prevent schedules/formats from chopping and changing in the run up to each leg. This is crucial for us to provide all of our customers with the very best service possible. Thanks in advance on this one.

Bricketwood will open its gate at 7am on Sunday and the NSPL 2011 gets underway at 9am. Here are the two divisions...

Div 2 - Race-To-2 - 9am Start
NA Angels
Relentless Khaos
Kinetic 2

Div 3/4 - 5-Man - 12:30 Start
London Riot
Jersey Warriors Blue
Kinetic Pulse
Mindful Violence
GBH Exile
CPC Militia
London Mayhem 2

Please can everyone make sure you are ready well before the start time to enable us to run ahead of schedule if at all possible on the day.

Div 2 will have 6 Race-To-2 matches. Div 3/4 will have eight 5-Man matches.

Proto KotH

The Proto King of the Hill division will be held at Bricketwood on Saturday and the confirmed teams are...

Essex Undead
London Riot 2
Portsmouth Uni
Gloucester Dodge B
Shooters United

Again, the gates will open at 7am with play due to kick off around 9:30am.

I look forward to welcoming you all on Saturday and/or Sunday guys and wish you all the very best of luck.