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NSPL round 1, what a disappointment...


Jul 12, 2005
in a hole!!
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Today was the first round of the NSPL, and although it was a nice day n some great teams turned up to strut their stuff the tournement itself was a real let down. All the past years I have gone to nspl events it has always had a great feel and great play and flow tithe whole day. Today even though with the hard work of chris and all this lads in gettin the event going, the organisation of the day was a real let down. Running orders were badly set out with over 2 hour gaps between each match and at one point the marshal achually created a new rule in order to decide a stalemate match. With the first game at 9 by 17:30 when the finals were to be played it all became a bit of a drag.. Some thing needs to be changed with the way the running order, on order to make this series more enjoyable because tryin not to use hash words and without prejudice the day was a huge let down. Not a great first tournament to welcome myself back to paintball..


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I am assuming this refers to the use of a 1 on 1 after a draw in points in game tome and no buzzer hit during the 5 min sudden death overtime, Millennium rules state

If no point is scored during overtime, the tournament seeding for this event decides the winner
Points are awarded for:
Hard to do at a first event where there is no previous seeding.

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Jan 8, 2003
Well there was a delay with the Air not working for a while which made it longer!!!

And the main thing I thought slowed it down was the Div 2 race to 2 points, as you played 1 point then came off and you might have to wait a while for the next point against someone differant, which made the turn around time konger!!!!! If you going to do a rase to 2 points, I think you should play the 3 points (or 2) straight off and have a 2 minute turn round as that way would speed it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

the bad thing was the Mr usual shooting a player for outside the netting!!! that upset me as the lad has bags of talent and yet he lets himself down time and time again


I'm a country member!
the bad thing was the Mr usual shooting a player for outside the netting!!! that upset me as the lad has bags of talent and yet he lets himself down time and time again
Er, yes, I have nothing personally against the individual who has always shown me a great deal of respect, but agree that he is fast becoming a caricature of his own reputation.

Repeatedly spinning, malicious overshooting, shooting live players from the deadbox/outside the netting isn't funny or clever.

Yorkie has put a lot of work in to the venue, it is still work in progress and I'm sure that as the season progresses the access for spectators will improve. But a big thumbs down to the one or two ****s who thought it acceptable to park in such a manner that blocked all access to or from the car parking.


Dec 3, 2007
Well, there was certainly room for improvement, but for the first event at the venue I thought it went really well. The refs on field 3 were doing a good job, actually listening to players where there may have been errors and getting teams onfield in a quick manner. Besides the cold freezing up the fill station (and ground), the pretty atrocious porta-loos (to be expected, but perhaps an extra one or two wouldn't hurt) I thought it was a good day with a good friendly atmosphere. Perhaps I missed whatever was happening on the other fields?


Feb 18, 2004
Sleeping in Bracknell.
I am getting more and more disapointed by Mr Beadle, he has some real talent but his wish to be a "bad boy" has caused his last few teams and coaches no end of problems.

The general stuff on field is now seen as the norm when playing against Jamie, with overshooting, spinning, playing on etc etc.

All the players and judges who know him are just used to it and make a point of "making sure" when he is eliminated or being aware of his reputation when marshalling.

After the incident in yesterdays finals match with shooting from outside the netting breaking basic safety and game rules I am sure his new team, manager and sponsors would like a word with him about his conduct both yesterday and for the coming season representing them in Europe and beyond.

I am certain of one thing, London Defiance deserved to beat him and his team ..... twice, by playing hard and fairly but will not be walking onto a field in the future if he is on there.

The guy has now gone from an annoyance to a danger !

Laters :(


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Jan 4, 2008
I dont think this is really an appropriate thread to start a slagging match against one player... Nor is it appropriate to do this on a public forum, This thread is about the NSPL as an event not the incidents of one game.

I enjoyed the nspl, for the first one back at a new tourney venue I thought it went pretty well. I was bouncing between fields coaching and playing, as a whole the marshalling was pretty good! the marshalls especially on the blue field were fair, listened to players and consulted all marshalls in the event of a dispute, thumbs up for the head marshall and his crew on that field.

With the new format (race to 2) did anyone expect the schedules to run perfectly first time round? all things considered I think a good job was done of handling the teams, getting them on fields and giving them time to prepare.

on the other hand, xball coaching was made reasonably hard by the tires lining the div1 field, and also snake side coaching was pretty tricky to get done. The portaloos as always could do with being a few more in number.


ATPB Factory 2012
May 15, 2009
As dave said this is not the place to slag plagers off even if it was unsportsman like and dangerous. But I think sid and the guys did a good job. And may need ideas not slating off looking forward to the next one cheers sid


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Oct 14, 2009
Hi all,

Parking : no parking in the entrances, cone them off. Simples !

Air : it is the same set up as we had for the the whole of last year and this is the first time I can recall having as many issues. I am sure they will be investigating this.

Race to two : Personally I think playing the match out then moving on to the next one makes more sense but I believe they were using some PSP method.

Spectating : I am sure Yorkie will address this one very quickly. The only way to watch Div 1 games was from the pits. Not great as these games can potentially be the best to watch but from a sheer security point of view there was too much foot traffic in the pits so I was keeping a very close eye on our team kit for the whole day. Running netting down both sides of the Div 1 field would allow spectating from the other side :) .

As for Mr B. I have known the guys for longer than most. He is a lovely chap off the field there is no denying it but alas when he has a marker in his hand it can go pear shaped.

Schedules : Games will over run, run fast, go to overtime, air will go down, netting will fall............. the list goes on. The organisers do try to keep things running to a schedule but it is impossible to predict what will happen.