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NSPL round 1, what a disappointment...

the yorkie man

training at bricket wood
Mar 7, 2004
romford essex
ok guys n girls
first of all i would like to thank alot of you for coming up to me on the day and expressing how you liked the site, this was great and im glad you enjoyed using bricket wood, me and araf worked our tiny cahonas off for the last 14 days with some great help from dan (squeekie, london defience) ginger and sam (watford reform) and not forgetting my good friends from relentless, sorry about the sore hands red, however no one told me about any bad points this thread is the first ive heard about them, if its cos people dont think they can tell me face to face then let this be my chance to say "you can" i wont be offended i want bricket wood to be the top place to go and unless people dont tell me the problems how am i suppose to fix them, so to look at the feed back so far, and can i just say apart from the initial title of this thread and the shooting through the net incident this thread has been very constructive and i for one will do everything within my powers to rectify your points

1. spectating
we will by round 2 endever to have 360 degree access to field 1
we put them round the field to stop shots coming under the netting and they were only waist high but lets see what we can do
3. toilets
yep got to say you got me on that one, we did have 4 units one at each end of the torni venue and two in the rec car park, these two were hardly used i will re situate these for the next event, sorry guys i got that wrong.
4.mud on field 2/3
you have to understand that the only time we get to do any real ground work on the fields is during the closed season and as this is in the winter months i.e november december january and febuary nothing much grows, so at first things can look a bit messy, untill our closed season is in june july august and september(the growing season) like football
thats the way its gonna have to be im afraid and i dont think you want that.
but we hope to make enough money this season to help improve the place to give you guys n girls the best venue in the country
thanks for your input
it is duly noted and where possible we will get it sorted for round 2


I'm a country member!
:eek: SPOILER ALERT :eek:
Beadle killed Archie Mitchell

While my guys were playing, we were kinda like, "Who are we playing now? Who are we playing then? Who did we just play?".
Did your team captain not pick up a schedule that was handed out at the captains' meeting?

As stated above, the scheduling was done as the PSP do for the format, the only major league that has so far published rules for or run Race to 2 format so far!


Go Hard or Go Home
Mar 21, 2009
OK I have had a decent phone coversation with JB who assures me HE did not shoot from outside the netting, he has admitted to one balling JW as he was walking off the field but insists that he was well INSIDE the netting when he did so.

He has not appologised for the one-balling or anything else that he did or did not do during the day but wanted me to come back on and clarify the point of shooting from outside the net so I have.

From the placing of the shot on the back of JW's neck it would seem un-likely the shot came from JB's marker in this manner so who did fire the shot ?

Is anyone going to man up to it ?

Laters :)
Im sorry Jbird but, thats BS i flipping saw him put his sock back on and charlie going crazy when Wheelers dad accused him. if your guna cheat atleast have to balls to own up to it.


The Tao of Pooh
Jun 20, 2006
North London
How ironic, no it was field 1 with tigers 2 but I was coaching the snake player you are talking about and that incident was reffed perfectly.
Ah dammit, swing and a miss! But thanks for the compliment and feedback, it is appreciated.

i wasnt a fan of the round robin system, felt it very confusing for most involved including the refs, and meant some quick points and some waits! not expected!
I think most people felt it should replicate the millenium profile, consecutive points for the games, 3 min turn arounds, no coaching! i do understand syd's reasoning for allowing coaching, as a progressive step to playing d1 X-ball, however we all know most of use the uk series as practice etc for milleniums at some point of the year, even ifits just for the campaign cup! so why practice with different rules!
As Onasilverbike has already pointed out, the Millennium have yet to publish their rules for Race-to-2, so it is impossible to use their system. The PSP system is however written down and both Syd and I have actual experience of this system. I am endeavouring to ensure that there is better consistency across the two fields next time, and if the air lines don't blow unexpectedly then hopefully the scheduling will run smoother too, so your wait is lessened. Thank you for your feedback.


May 31, 2005
Visit site
..the tea wagon ran out of milk..:(..otherwise fantastic.....well done yorkie et al and all the teams that made the day what it was...:D:D


I'm a country member!
We hope to make enough money this season to help improve the place to give you guys n girls the best venue in the country
Two thumbs up for Yorkie and his crew, I know you have done a deal of work on the site over the off season and that the bad weather has probably stopped you from completing everything you had planned. You have a hell of a lot on your plate this year but I'm sure you can deliver.

thanks for your input it is duly noted and where possible we will get it sorted for round 2
I'm sure you and Syd have had some very productive post event discussion.

Twizz ECI

London Tigers 2
Jan 8, 2003
I have had a chat with James and again he tells me he didn't do it, so as it was me that started this i have said sorry to James and am saying this on here so everyone knows!!