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NSPL Round 2 - Results

Syd (NSPL)

NSPL and Pr0to KotH
Aug 30, 2001
Torquay, UK
I think most of us have now dug the majority of the mud and paint from under our finger nails and out of various places where mud should never really be found, so its time to look back over the messy Easter Weekend and congratulate the winning teams from Round 2 of the 2010 NSPL Series.

First off, can I offer my sincere thanks to all my staff, refs, Yorkie, Bricketwood, NickyT and Ledz from Eclipse, LiPS, and to each and every player who made the day another successful and enjoyable event for us all. Despite raining all week in the run up to Round 2, the weather was kind to us on the weekend and spirits were high.

The final results from the whole weekend look like this...

Division 1
1st - London Tigers
2nd - London Shockwave
3rd - London Tigers 2
4th - Demolition Squad
5th - Relentless Kidz
6th - London Defiance
7th - London Tigers Bengal

Division 2
1st - Snatch
2nd - Team Kinetic (Velocity)
3rd - Impact
4th - Quake
5th - Team Rampage
6th - London Hazard
7th - Relentless-Khaos
8th - Chelmsford Halloween
9th - Broken
10th - NA Angels

Division 3
1st - Topcats
2nd - GBH
3rd - Team Kinetic (Pulse)
4th - Fraternity
5th - Redskins
6th - UWE Insidious
7th - Care Bears
8th - Demo Squad Youngins

Division 4
1st - GBH Exile
2nd - Scraesdon Warriors
3rd - Watford Reformed
4th - Chaotic Rampage
5th - Demo Squad Youngins 2
6th - Mayhem Mantis
7th - Mindful Violence
8th - UWE Underdogs

Proto KotH
1st - CPC Militia
2nd - Distortion
3rd - Havoc CPC
4th - Leicester Uni Vanguard
5th - Pompey Uni
6th - Gloucester Dodge
7th - Fearless

Congratulations to all the podium finishers. 2010 is certainly looking to be a very competitive season, so well done to all the teams who are putting the hard work in on the training fields.

Round 3 will once again be at Bricketwood and is scheduled for Sunday, 9th May. Be sure to book in early as always.

The rankings for the season so far will be published on the www.nspl.co.uk web site by the end of this week.