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NSPL Round 4 - Divisions

Syd (NSPL)

NSPL and Pr0to KotH
Aug 30, 2001
Torquay, UK
Full details on Divisions and Scheduling for this weekend's NSPL event at Reading can be found below...

Confirmed divisions for Round 4 of the NSPL 2010 are...

Division One (in seed order)
London Shockwave
London Defiance
London Nexus
Relentless Kids

Division Two (in seed order)
London Hazard
Impact UK
Chelmsford Halloween
NA Angels

Division Three
Reign of Fire
Demolition Squad Youngins
Kinetic Pulse

Division Four
GBH Onslaught
Mindful Violence
GBH Exile
Chaotic Rampage
Watford Reformed
London Mayhem
Scraesdon Warriors

Proto KotH (Saturday)
Havoc CPC
CPC Fearless
CPC Militia
Portsmouth Uni

As always, thank you all for your continued support in the NSPL.

Here is the schedule of games for each division...

Division One
Three matches per team. Fourth match play-offs for all four teams. So guaranteed four matches. Division One will only be playing in the afternoon this time around and games are due to begin at approximately 2pm. Please arrive a bit earlier, just in case we are running ahead of schedule.

Division Two
Group 1 - First Match at 8:30am - Snatch, NA Angels, Kinetic, Chelmsford Halloween
Group 2 - First Match at 8:30am - Relentless Khaos, Impact UK, Rampage, London Hazard

Re-seed mid-morning. Top four teams playoff for 1st,2nd,3rd,4th. Other teams play-off for 5th,6th,7th,8th. Games should be completed by 2pm this time around guys.

Division Three
Eight games per team. First game at 10:00.

Division Four
Eight games per team. First game at 10:30.

The venue will be open from 7am and can I ask all teams to be prompt. If all goes to plan, we will be finished around 16:30.

If you are looking for directions, hotels, etc please visit the fixture information at http://www.nspl.co.uk - PLEASE NOTE: A new entrance in to the field has been put in to place during the Winter. This is about 20m further up the road (towards the ford) on the same side.

The new entrance features double metal gates and a "humped" gravel track in to the field. Signs will be up to help direct you as always.

Good luck to everyone attending.