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NSPL Round 6 - Scores

Syd (NSPL)

NSPL and Pr0to KotH
Aug 30, 2001
Torquay, UK
Due to technical difficulties, the Live Webcast was not ehhhmmm... live, at Round 6 of the NSPL on Sunday. This meant the scores from the event have not been available online... until now.

First off, my apologies for the delay. I'm sure you are all aware that it takes us a couple of days to tear down the Reading venue and clear up all the crap before I can get back to the world of the living and do things like get the scores online for your enjoyment. I have just finished updating the webcast and, okay, its not live, but all the scores from Sunday's final event of the 2010 NSPL can now be found on the Webcast archives at www.nspl.co.uk

To jump directly to that archive, use http://www.nspl.co.uk/webcast/index.php?archive_id=31

Everything took a little bit longer than anticipated due to bad weather and tiredness, but the season rankings will be updated tomorrow and the official results of the league will be released as well. I know there are quite a few of you waiting patiently in anticipation of some very close finishes in the Rankings, so sorry again for the tiny delay, but a few more hours wont kill you now, will it? ;)

NSPL Round 6 Results

Division One
1st - London Nexus - 4/15
2nd - London Defiance - 3/5
3rd - London Shock - 2/-1
4th - London Tigers 2 - 1/-6
5th - Relentless Kidz - 0/-13

Division Two
1st - Kinetic
2nd - Snatch
3rd - Rampage
4th - Impact UK
5th - Relentless Khaos
6th - NA Angels
7th - London Hazard

Combined Division 3 & 4
1st - GBH - 24/28
2nd - GBH Exile - 21/19
3rd - Demo Squad Youngins - 15/5
4th - Kinetic Pulse - 15/1
5th - London Mayhem - 13/7
6th - Watford Reformed - 9/-1
7th - GBH Onslaught - 9/-4
8th - Chaotic Rampage - 9/-8
9th - Scraesdon Warriors - 9/-8
10th - Mindful Violence - 6/-15
11th - Academy 49 - 1/-24

This was another great Reading event with a lot of quality paintball being played. The end of the season finale promised to be a nail-biter and certainly didn't fail to perform. Thanks to every player and team for their support over what has been a difficult year for many and also to all the very special people who helped make sure Round 6 went ahead as normal whilst I quietly died of virus-riden illness in the background.

End of season Roundup and Rankings to follow...