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NSPL Thanks From Relentless Khaos


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Feb 18, 2006
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I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone for yesterday's event.

Unfortunately because I was suprised that we placed 2nd in Div 2 yesterday I didn't really have a proper list of thanks prepared (and was aware there was a line of cars waiting to get past and go home :) )

A proper thank you this time to:

Relentless, James Granville and his crew for working hard in coaching and pitting for us - Thanks again chaps
Bricket Wood Training Ground and Yorkie for providing a quality training venue and being the best in the South East.
Dark Sports Paintballs - The paint was top notch yesterday considering the super low temperature!
BZ Paintball for supplying all our playing gear
Dye Paintball
The J.S.P.S :rolleyes:

Also -

Thanks to Syd as always for running the event and giving us a good league to play in.
All the Ref's for yesterday, Relentless Khaos experienced pretty good reffing throughout the day with no complaints. (we are aware that there was a problem with the scheduling so we did our best to help out with the ref's and the other teams when necessary). And all the teams we played as well, we had some pretty hard games yesterday which forced us to really step up

Finally -

We had some questions yesterday about who we are - we were previously Pompi Uni and having a close association to Relentless since 2007 mainly in training, The HSTC and Dye we are now very proud to be part of the Relentless group of teams.

Actually -

While I'm on the subject we never really got the chance to do our thanks for last year "2009" either lol.. so this is it (sorry to bore you all ha ha..)

- Portsmouth University
- NSPL & Syd
- Relentless Kidz for all our scrimming and training last year and making Div3 NSPL a hard strugle.
- Dan Hill Smith
- The J.S.P.S. :rolleyes:
- Peter Bourne for the numerous times he lent us a marker and set-up when we really needed it
- Proto Paintballs
- Dye Paintball

Ok thats it, I've said my piece and I'll shut up now :eek:



Dec 3, 2007
Lol, we were the same: stopped by while carrying stuff to the car to see who won and discovered we'd placed :p